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ALPHA – Annual Retreat 2018

Mudika Melbourne

Mudika Melbourne is a non-profit organization, representing Indonesian Catholic youths reside in Melbourne, Victoria. This organization was established in 1992, under the supervision of KKI (‘Keluarga Katolik Indonesia’ or Indonesian Catholic Community).


Mudika Melbourne aims to be a medium for all Indonesian Catholic youths toexpress and grow their potential with youth spirit as well as the Roman Catholic faith. We welcome all Indonesian Catholic youths who are interested to find a place to deepen their faith and affection of Jesus Christ. We have been growing since then, with a total of 27 committees and around 350 active members.


We organise many internal and external events as a means to strengthen the bond between all members in this organization. Some of our regular events are:

  • Choir practice
  • Sharing group
  • Bible study
  • Monthly Mass
  • Sports and Recreation activities


In addition to the above events, we also have our largest event – the Mudika Annual Retreat – which is held annually during the Easter Break period. Mudika retreat is a major annual spiritual event with duration of four days and three nights. Mudika Melbourne invites all Indonesian Catholic youth to step aside from their busy and hectic schedule to find peace and live life to the fullest.


The aim of this year retreat is to be closer to God and feel His presence in our daily life.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.